Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Favourite Summer Slush

This is by far the best adult slushie recipe I have ever tasted. I always make a huge batch and keep it in my freezer. It is also one of my most requested drink recipes, along with my Lime Sherbet Punch recipe

26 oz Malibu Coconut Rum
1 can of frozen orange juice concentrate
1 can of frozen lemonade concentrate (regular not pink)
1 can of pineapple juice ( I think they are 24 ounces or so?)
24 ounces of water
1/2 mickey of peach schnapps ( about a cup and a half)

Mix everything together, and freeze. I usually divide it into a few large freezer bags, this way I can squish it around every few hours while it is freezing. It will freeze into a nice slush consistency and to serve it, you scoop out some into a tall glass ( about 2/3 full) and top it off with 7-up.
MMm perfection.

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