Thursday, June 2, 2011

Death by Chocolate

 (I saw this on a cooking channel)

Chocolate cake ( use a mix if you want) ( I suppose you could use brownies too)
chocolate pudding (probably at least two packages)
cool whip
crushed skor bars
A trifle bowl or some other pretty glass bowl.

First you bake the cake in a rectangle pan so its all one layer. After it has cooled a little, you pour some kahlua on top of it. I forget how much exactly but I am guessing 1/2 a cup or more. (You could also use amaretto.) Let that sit over night, to soak all up and let the alcohol evaporate a little so it's not too mushy.
Cut up the cake (or brownies) into squares, and with your hands take about a third of the cake/brownies out of the pan and crumble them up a little into the bottom of the trifle bowl. Next layer enough chocolate pudding to cover the cake, and then do the same with the cool whip. Sprinkle some crushed up skor bars on the cool whip, and start the layering again... Cake, pudding, coolwhip, skor bars... until you run out and hopefully you have filled the bowl up. :)
You could decorate the top with shaved chocolate, or just more skor bars, or you could pipe some coolwhip on top to make it really fancy.

Or you could just get a spoon and go hide in the closet with the bowl and eat it all!!


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